Dr. Skillicorn’s clinical experience has included a wide variety of disorders,
including brain injury, seizure disorders, autism spectrum disorder, attention-
deficit/hyperactivity disorder, learning differences, spina bifida, prematurity/low
birth weight, and genetic disorders. She utilizes neuropsychological assessment in
diverse contest in order to diagnose, plan intervention, conduct screenings, and
monitor progress with pediatric populations. Dr. Skillicorn’s clinical training has
emphasized diagnostic evaluation of autism spectrum disorder, pre/post surgical
evaluations for children with intractable epilepsy, rehabilitation and educational
planning for children/adolescents with brain injury, neuropsychological evaluation
for individuals with chronic pain, and evaluation and educational/vocational
planning for individuals with learning differences and attention-related difficulties.
Her research has focused on early intervention for children with autism spectrum
disorder (ASD), community integration for individuals with ASD, cognitive
rehabilitation, and behavioral interventions implemented in an acute medical