Each of our practitioners will tailor your evaluation to fit your needs. Most evaluations involve one or two visits during which a comprehensive history of your developmental, academic, occupational, social, medical, and psychological history will be discussed. Depending on your age and condition, a thorough neuropsychological evaluation will be conducted on the same day or will be scheduled for an upcoming day. During the neuropsychological evaluation, a series of tests of thinking skills, including memory, attention, reaction time, language, and visual perception, will be administered. Emotional functioning will also be assessed. Some of the tests will be paper-pencil, some computer-based, and some question-answer. Once the tests are completed, your results will be compared to others with similar backgrounds so that objective measures of strengths and weaknesses can be obtained. These results are then incorporated with your medical records and pertinent background information to develop working diagnoses and helpful recommendations for improving quality of life and daily functioning. These results will then be discussed with you and your referral source in the form of a comprehensive report and face-to-face feedback, depending on your needs.

Pediatric Services:

We evaluate infants, children and adolescents who are experiencing a variety of challenges in school or at home. Our evaluations can help identify why a child may be having problems such as:

difficulty reading

poor communication

an unusually short attention span

abnormal or anti-social behaviors

trouble getting along with others

memory and learning problems

Our pediatric team has extensive experience helping children and families who may be struggling with a variety of conditions/complications such as:



Autism Spectrum Disorders

Learning Disability

Concussion/Brain Injury

Tic Disorders

Emotional/Mood Difficulties 

Prematurity/Low Birth Weight

Cancer/Brain Tumors

Our evaluations can assist physicians and other healthcare professionals with the diagnosis and treatment of children with developmental and neurological disorders. We also work closely with families, teachers and other important team members to design and carry out treatment recommendations.

Our evaluations can also identify and help diagnose adults with medical, neurological and psychiatric disorders such as:

head injury

attention problems (ADHD)

learning disabilities

seizure disorders

autoimmune disorders

mood and anxiety disorders

substance abuse

Adult Services:

Our adult evaluations can determine why certain individuals may have difficulty with academic performance, employment or daily functioning. We work with healthcare professionals to develop comprehensive individual treatment recommendations designed to improve an individual’s everyday functioning.

Our clinicians assist physicians with differential diagnosis of adults with medical, neurological and psychiatric disorders such as:


movement disorders

vascular problems including stroke

mood and anxiety disorders

substance abuse

Our older adult evaluations can identify why certain individuals may have difficulty with memory, communication, problem solving or independent living. We work with healthcare professionals to design treatment plans that maximize an individual’s quality of life. Our evaluations may also help family members or loved ones make decisions about a person’s competency or independence.

Dr. Hamilton is trained in the administration of FAA neuropsychological evaluations and is HIMS trained to perform psychological evaluations for aviators and air traffic controllers experiencing substance-related issues. Dr. Hamilton is a CogScreen-AE provider. Read more here

Dr. Hamilton has extensive experience conducting neuropsychological evaluations for individuals considering deep brain stimulation surgery for Parkinson’s disease and essential tremor. These evaluations help the surgical candidate and his/her team determine specific risks and benefits of the procedure so that informed treatment decisions can be made.