• NCAA Concussion Settlement Medical Monitoring Program

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    NCAA Concussion Settlement Medical Monitoring Program

    Former student-athletes filed a class action lawsuit against the NCAA alleging that the NCAA was negligent and breached its duty to protect student-athletes from concussion. While the NCAA denied all allegations, on November 18, 2019, the NCAA and former student-athletes reached a Settlement to establish a Medical Monitoring Program. The program started on February 18, 2020 and ends November 18, 2069.

    The Medical Monitoring Program will screen eligible student-athletes for post-concussion symptoms as well as cognitive, mood, behavioral, and motor problems that may be associated with mid- to late-life onset brain diseases (for example, Alzheimer’s disease). Former student-athletes may qualify for up to two medical evaluations during the 50-year Medical Monitoring period.

    The adult providers at ANH are contracted to administer the neurocognitive assessment component of the medical evaluations at no cost to a qualified student-athlete. To determine if you are eligible for the Settlement visit: