• Physicians Evaluations

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    Dr. Hamilton is an approved HIMS neuropsychologist and FAA neuropsychological evaluator for aviators and air traffic controllers experiencing substance-related issues or medical conditions requiring special issuance of their medical certificates. The CogScreen-AE is administered in our office. {Button linked to Read more about an FAA evaluation}
    For physicians who are concerned about their capacity to practice due to age or underlying health condition, our team offers comprehensive neuropsychological evaluations focused on memory, concentration, processing speed, and higher order cognitive skills. {Button linked to Read more about a Physician Capacity evaluation}
    Dr. Gray (Pediatrics) and Dr. Hamilton (Adult) perform independent neuropsychological evaluations to assist counsel in identifying factors related to neurocognitive complaints. We provide thorough, objective assessments to identify strengths and weaknesses in a person’s thoughts and behaviors that have the potential to affect functioning. Contact us for our policies and fee schedules. {Button linked to Contact us}